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Traffic Motor is a software-as-a-service platform that helps media buyers and domainers optimize their traffic when selling via pay-per-click or view. Traffic Motor is a property of Site Matrix LLC, a proud Puerto Rico based company.

The founders and staff have been in the internet marketing business since the mid-90s. We are successful because we focus on three core objectives:

The Customer's Interest

When faced with any technical, moral, ethical or business dilemma, the question we must always ask ourselves is, 'what is in the customer's best interest?

Be High-Tech But Never Lazy

We use technology to gain intelligence and act on it. We automate only when it doesn't degrade optimal performance. We are never afraid to do manual work when it's required for the best results.

Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Employees are our competitive advantage. We want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, a stimulating environment, and to make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission.

Traffic Motor is a Results Engine Optimization™ Service

Media Buyers and Domainers

Have you ever felt like PPC monetization services and domain parking companies didn't do much work on your behalf? Did it seam like they were just sending your traffic to Google, Yahoo or a zero click platform, then taking a cut of your profit and showing you your stats and doing little else to add value?

We felt that way and that's why we started this service. At Traffic Motor, we make it hard on ourselves but easy for you. You just point the traffic and we'll take care of doing all the hard work to squeeze every possible penny of profit out of your campaigns. We accomplish this in four important ways:

The Human Element

We are a technology company but we list "The Human Element" first because it is the core of what sets us apart. Optimizing campaigns and domains for pay-per-click requires an expert overseeing the process. We hire talent with many years of experience buying traffic from Google's AdWords and similar platforms because when it comes down to it, optimizing for the results page is the reverse of buying the clicks. The more you know about buying traffic, the better you can be at selling it.

All of our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for the results. And as an additional layer, we have a team of experts review the work of the account manager! We succeed through skill and determination.

Keyword Optimization

Through our data driven efforts, the art of what we do is keyword optimization. We control the landing page, you control the traffic. That's the partnership we will have together in our client / vendor relationship. That means, if you are a media buyer, you can focus on getting high-quality traffic at the right price.

Our job is to sell it for the highest price. Our technology and our experts strive for that perfect combination of earnings-per-click (EPC) and click-through-rate (CTR) in order to achieve that high revenue per 1000 visitors (RPM) that we all seek. Our domainer clients can focus on acquiring great names with great traffic, then rest assured that we are working hard behind the scenes to maximize returns.

Big Data Analysis

We have optimized over a million campaigns and domains, one by one, with great care and effort. While the individual campaign or domain gets personal attention, it's the combined knowledge of all of the traffic in our network that super charges the results. We know what works and we know what doesn't.

Our team can draw upon vast amounts of data for ideas and tips to help them get it right the first time. That said, it's called the "first time" for a reason. We go back again and again and tweak the campaigns and domains using our big data as a gauge to know if we are performing well or not and to keep upping-the-bar, so to speak.

Utilize All the Traffic

Just as our ancestors used all of the animals that they killed, like their fur, their meat and their bones, we will utilize as many forms of traffic going through our system as technically feasible. This is most applicable for domainers. They would be interested to know that we can land SSL traffic which is something most parking companies cannot do.

And, we monetize the web traffic and the email traffic but we also have proprietary methods (meaning secret!) for monetizing other forms of traffic. You may or may not be surprised at all the ways a domain can get a 'visitor'.

Our people, our methods and our technology are our competitive advantage.

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